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Conventional Asphalt StellarFlex SP Polymer Modified Asphalt Specialty Modified Asphalt Products
Warm Mix Asphalt PG Grade Specifications

Conventional Asphalt

Axeon is one of the largest, on-purpose manufacturers of performance grade and specialty-grade asphalts in North America. Based on producing the best quality products, our history of providing top ranking customer service has helped make our company the industry leader in asphalt repair goods. Our products are used in construction and resurfacing of roadways, commercial and private development, the roofing industry, and the manufacture of emulsion products. Eager to help see your project to completion, Axeon can also help with any and all needs for intermediates. Contact us today for further assistance or any questions you may have.

StellarFlex SP (Polymer Modified) Asphalt

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Stellar Flex SP (Superior Performance) Our technologically-advanced and engineered StellarFlex SP Polymer Modified Asphalt Asphalt products have been used on paving projects around the country from the streets of the Big Apple to the nation’s capital. It’s our job to ensure that your roadways withstand the test of time through use of quality asphalt products that dramatically reduce permanent deformation or rutting, the primary distress mode found on heavily traveled highways.
StellarFlex SP is cutting-edge polymer modified asphalt that uses SealoflexAE technology along with the proper combination of asphalt cement and SBS polymer to achieve:

  • Reduced temperature susceptibility
  • Extreme fatigue resistance
  • Reduced raveling, rutting and cracking
  • High elasticity
  • SUPERPAVE binder specifications and increased service life all at a cost-efficient price
  • Increased service life

Specialty Modified Asphalt Products

FlexGard™ High Performance Thin Overlay System


The FlexGard™ system is a specially designed high performance thin overlay mix containing FlexGard™ polymer modified asphalt binder formulated to improve resistance to cracking. The FlexGard™ mix is designed to maximize asphalt content (> 7% asphalt content), thereby ensuring maximum flexibility and an increased resistance to aging and fatigue cracking. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing performance. The FlexGard™ system is the result of an extensive research and development program. Laboratory data indicates that it should out-perform conventional materials and paving approaches by a substantial amount.

FlexGard™ = Flexibility + Durability

StellarFlex FR™ (Fuel Resistant) Asphalt

StellarFlex FR™ (Fuel Resistant ) Asphalt is uniquely formulated to be resistant to diesel and jet fuel, which makes it ideally suited for pavement applications in airports, high-traffic heavy truck roadways, fueling stations, truck stops, and fuel storage tank areas. No other asphalt binder can deliver the fuel resistance shield that you get with StellarFlex FR™.

Asphalt mixes using the StellarFlex FR™ binder can be produced at any hot mix plant without the need for modifications or changes in operating procedures. Therefore, StellarFlex FR™ provides the most cost effective means to handle these punishing conditions without the need for additional capital or operating costs in its application.

asphalt1-300x198 Standard hot mix asphalt mixtures loses 10% weight from the 24 hour soak in jet fuel
Fuel Resistant loses less than 0.5% weight loss after the same 24 hour soak.

StellarFlex HiMA™ (Highly Modified) Asphalt

StellarFlex HiMA™ (Highly Modified) Asphalt is a highly polymer-modified liquid asphalt formulated to provide extreme resistence to permanent deformation and cracking. It is ideally suiCaptureted to withstand the severe traffic loadings and vertical movements of bridge decks. When placed into a Bridge Deck Waterproof Surface Course asphalt mixture, StellarFlex HiMA™ meets all of the demands of today’s heavily trafficked bridges: rut resistance, fatigue crack resistance and an impermeable pavement that will protect the underlying bridge structure.

Superior Performance + Durability = Lower Life Cycle Cost

Warm Mix Asphalt

Axeon Refining’s warm mix asphalt product, featuring water-free warm mix additive Evotherm™ 3G, offers new advantages to asphalt contractors and road building engineers with zero capital investment. By lowering pavement placement temperatures, the jobsite becomes a more comfortable, odor-free working environment leading to increased productivity. In addition, contractors benefit from fuel savings and reduced emissions benefit the environment. Evotherm™ 3G can be utilized through any type of mix plant and is compatible with any grade of liquid asphalt.