Axeon Specialty Products — a specialty petroleum products company with decades of industry knowledge and experience. We refine crude oil and make asphalt on purpose. We’re among the nation’s leading asphalt suppliers and the third largest U.S. asphalt producer. Our proven products are refined in Paulsboro, NJ, and distributed through our extensive terminal network, where we store and distribute millions of barrels of asphalt products and intermediates domestically and internationally. Crude oil is received via barge, ship or rail and products are distributed via barge, rail, and truck. We provide customers with a reliable supply of intermediates and high-performance, cost-effective conventional, modified and warm mix asphalt products.

In addition to our attentive asphalt retail marketing, trading, and account management professionals, our customers receive state-of- the-art technical support services from our industry experts who are dedicated to product development, solving pavement problems and providing field support.

Asphalt Products

Conventional Asphalt

StellarFlex SP Polymer Modified Asphalt

Specialty Modified Asphalt Products

Warm Mix Asphalt


Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO)


Marine Diesel Oil (MDO)

Fuel Oil