Axeon Specialty Products is in a position to supply all penetration and viscosity grades for exports (see specifications below) from our refinery in Paulsboro, N.J. Our asphalt is manufactured from Canadian heavy crudes and various Latin American crudes, which are proven to produce the best worldwide asphalt quality. At our Paulsboro Refinery, we have the capabilities to load vessels and barges ranging from 4,000 metric tons (24,000 bbls) to 37,000 metric tons (225,000 bbls), making it one of the most versatile asphalt suppliers in the world.

Axeon utilizes a modern fleet of Jones Act ocean going barges, ranging in size from 30-100mb in capacity, to distribute asphalt and intermediate products. Additionally, our products have been exported to Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, West Africa, North Africa and New Zealand.

(The vessel pictured above, courtesy of Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. is M/V Evening Tide and B.No.260.)

Standard Specification for Viscosity-Graded Asphalt Cement for Use in Pavement Construction
Standard Specification for Penetration-Graded Asphalt Cement for Use in Pavement Construction

Greg Kurantowicz

Manager Marine Operations
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