Our Marketing Team supports the sale of our refinery generated asphalt products and pursues other supply, marketing and business development opportunities, including purchasing wholesale asphalt for retail sales and growing our terminal network through strategic acquisitions or leases.Our Marketing Team is ready to provide quality asphalt, low-sulfur fuel oil, low-sulfur diesel, solvents and other specialty products within and outside of our asphalt terminal network to meet our customer’s needs through purchasing, storage, and resale of crude and refined products. Contact us today!

Rick Bird
Executive Vice President & President of Retail Marketing
Phone: 210-249-9670
Mobile: 775-690-8513
Rory Klinger
Senior Vice President of Asphalt Marketing
Mobile: 215-327-227
Jean Azoury
Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions, Supply and Planning
Phone: 210-249-9657
Mobile: 562-233-4767
Stephen Haughton
Director of Northeast Marketing
Mobile: 215-272-5341
Mike Gothard
Director of Southeast Marketing
John Friedrich
Sr. Area Sales Manager – Pennsylvania & Maryland
Mobile: 215-629-9450
David Powers
Sr. Area Sales Manager – New Jersey, Delaware & New York
Mobile: 717-629-9708
Paul Staley
Sr. Area Sales Manager – Virginia
Mobile: 540-494-3506
Kurt Korinek
Sr. Area Sales Manager – Florida & Georgia
Mobile: 941-518-5639
Horace Turbeville
Sr. Area Sales Manager-North & South Carolina
Phone: 803-548-2050
Mobile: 704-906-6038
Ryan Hart
Crude and Products Trader
Phone: 203-705-2321