Our History

Our refining operation is located in Paulsboro, NJ

On September 28th, 2012, NuStar completed a transaction with Lindsay Goldberg, LLC, to create a joint venture, NuStar Asphalt LLC.


The axeon Transition

NuStar Asphalt LLC, a joint venture between NuStar Energy L.P. and private investment firm Lindsay Goldberg LLC, owns and operates NuStar92s asphalt refining assets, including asphalt refineries located in Paulsboro, New Jersey and Savannah, Georgia, and related working capital. A leading producer of asphalt on the United States East Coast, the company produces asphalt and intermediate products, and has a distribution network of 21 leased terminals, primarily on the East Coast. The company:

  • has 199 full-time employees, who are committed to operating our facilities safely and with environmental excellence. The company completed 2012 with zero OSHA recordable incidents or reportable spills.
  • The company is also committed to making a difference in the communities where we operate, donating approximately $227,000 to the United Way, over $65,000 to other charitable causes and close to 6,000 hours of volunteer time in our local communities in 2012.